Yale University

Yale University image 1Location: new haven, Connecticut

University types: Private

Start: 1701

University rank: The third

ESL English courses: No

University website: http://www.yale.edu/

City introduction

(City of New Haven) is New Haven, Connecticut, the second largest City in the north shore of long island bay, alias for Elm City (Elm City), is a City full of green. According to the 2000 census, the population of new haven for 123626 people. Due to new haven, is located in the middle of two New England and New York metropolitan area, as a result, the new haven’s culture and values are, respectively, and the two have similarities to the metropolitan area. The city is the birthplace of the current U.S. President George w. bush.

University profileYale University image 2

Yale University, founded in 1701, is a private university. It and Harvard, Princeton, over the years for the United States the position of the top three universities and graduate school. Professor at the school team, curriculum arrangement, first-class teaching facilities. Beautiful gothic architecture and George dynasty style architecture and modern architecture in photograph reflect, adorn the entire campus is very classical and beautiful. Yale’s reputation, its beautiful and solemn, and the sunset when standing in the middle of the campus looked about that kind of dignified sense of history to attract outstanding students from all over the world. Since 1989, the previous President of the United States is a graduate of Yale University, successive presidential candidates are mostly graduate of Yale.

At Yale University, the strongest subject is social science, humanities and life sciences. It is worth mentioning that Yale university undergraduate course education is regarded as the core of the university. The University of its Kind in the United States to the attention of the undergraduate teaching is rare. Yale College (Yale College, Yale university undergraduate course) of 70 professional mainly focus on general education, only very few undergraduate faculty focus on professional preparation, and even Yale university engineering department also encourages and requires students to explore and study in fields other than engineering disciplines. In 2006, Yale university department a total of more than 21000 applicants was eventually admitted students accounted for 8.6% of the applicants. This number is the lowest on all members of the Ivy League school history. Therefore at Yale University has always been considered one of the most difficult to enter university. In 2007, the school in the us news and world report ranked third in the United States.

The main course

Bachelor degree majorYale University image 3

American studies, anthropology, applied mathematics, pure art, art history, archaeology, architecture, Asian studies, astronomy, biochemistry, biological science, chemical engineering, chemistry, Chinese, classical literature, east Asian studies and comparative literature, computer science, ecology, economics, electrical engineering, engineering science, English, environmental science, film studies, agriculture and forestry, German, French, geology, history, humanities, international studies, linguistics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, music, and religious studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, theater, women’s studies, etc.

Master the main professional

astronomy, biology, anthropology, archaeology, physiology, chemical engineering, chemistry, engineering, computer science, comparative literature of east Asian languages and culture, east Asian science, ecology and evolutionary biology, economics, electrical engineering, engineering and applied science, English language and culture, film studies, forest and the environment, genetics, geology and geophysics and French, history, international and development economics, international relations, linguistics, management, mathematics, mechanical engineering, biology, music, neurobiology, nursing, philosophy, physics, sociology, statistics

Entrance requirements

Bachelor courses

Ÿ   graduate from high school, high school grades to be very good;

Ÿ   the SAT I and any three SAT II or ACT scores, TOEFLPBT600 / / CBT250 IBT100 points;

Ÿ   Applicants must have good extracurricular activities and social practice experience;

Ÿ   Alumni interviews (voluntary). Success through alumni interview will be very beneficial to apply, but not mandatory

Ÿ   a semester: autumn in September

A master degree

Ÿ   Graduate with a bachelor’s degree, achievement is outstanding. Applicants are required to have good research experience, if you have many years work experience is more help to apply for;

  • Ÿ   TOEFL (such as TOEFL, PBT, grades, shall provide the TSE, the oral exam grades)/IELTS. Need the GRE/ GMAT scores more than 682 points.
  • Ÿ   a semester: autumn in September

(Note: each major application requirements vary, please before applying for specific queries)

Costs associated with the unit: $

Bachelor: Tuition fees 33, 030 / year, the cost of living 13, 000 / year;

Master: Tuition fees 23, 610-38, 310 / year, the cost of living 13,000 / year.

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.


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