Washington High School


Location: east horse town, Maine

Year: 1792

School types: men and women in the school

Religious affiliation: no

Campus area: 45 acres

Student number: about 404 people

The proportion between teachers and students: about 1:11

ESL English courses: admission

Time: January/September

School profile

Washington high school about 50 international students from Europe and Asia. The toefl test into schools, sponsored by the international student association, and arrange the weekend activities for the students, using the school holidays to lead students to tourism, the capital of New York, Boston and Washington. The school dormitory facilities, have access to the Internet line for student use. In class, students have the opportunity to Maine university at the university of Washington high school and Maine have a shuttle bus between all accommodation student at the university of free use of Maine experiment center, library and some entertainment facilities, for student’s study provides a very convenient conditions. Outstanding graduates of the school, including the famous revolutionary the descendants of Benjamin Lincoln Theodore Lincoln, etc.

City introduction

Maine is located in the northeastern United States, New England, is also one of the biggest in area, the New England closely adjacent to Quebec, Canada. The state’s seafood is rich, its lobster production three-fourths of the total national output; Forest coverage rate is extremely high, about four 5 of the state’s area, so the timber industry and paper industry to become the main industry. Tourism and outdoor entertainment is becoming the main body of the state’s economy, because of its natural mountain, forest, lakes in the country, hunting, fishing, skiing and snow motorcycle activities such as projects amusement heaven. East Malaysia just town is located in the town in the east China sea coast of Maine, Washington is home to the school. Washington high school only two miles away from the coastline, the campus beautiful environment, is composed of 7 building.

The curriculum

Major courses: ESL courses, mathematics, natural science, French, Spanish, Latin, music, drama, film and television production, toefl, the university entrance exam courses, performing arts, environmental science, computer application, maritime vocational and technical courses, shipbuilding, etc.

Extracurricular activities: one tree state, rowing boats, rafting, fishing, whale watching, swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, cross-country, softball, baseball, tennis, yoga, karate, music bands, band, chorus, etc.

Entrance requirements

Second day reading to school reading students; Students are required to provide academic certificates, SSAT (1200), application form, recommendation letters, etc.

Related fees (2006-2007 academic year)

Application fee: $50 (no refund)

Tuition fee: $28600 / year

ESL English course fee: $2500

Other fees: such as activities, premiums, allowances, etc., concrete vary from person to person.

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.


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