Vias application

Study in the United States is to complete the study in the United States to apply for visa the last pass, in handling student visa all link, face sign when submitting the application materials is one of the most important, not only have you study in the United States qualifications I – 20 forms, also support you have finished your studies in the United States money prove that you are below detailed interpretation in the us visa need the detailed requirements of various materials, hope to help everyone’s visa application.

The U.S. immigration law offers to go to America to study two kinds of non-immigrant visa category. “F” visa to the United States students in academic learning, and “M” visa is issued to students studying for an academic or professional. To obtain a student visa, the applicant must apply for a school for the United States and its receipt. When you were received, the school will issue you an I – 20 or I – 20 m form. When applying for visas must show the form.

The applicant to apply for visa to study in the United States must first prove their ability to do a full-time student in the United States. The applicant must also prove its entry into the United States and the only purpose is to brief stay in the established academic institutions to complete their studies. In addition, the applicant must also prove their ability to pay tuition and living expenses needed for the school.

All student visa applicants should be prepared ahead of time, to be able to show the following materials at interview and any other support related to the visa application materials:

1 Valid passport:

If your passport will be away from you is expected to arrive the date six months overdue, or damaged, or passport visa issue has no blank page in the history of, please before you go to the embassy interview to apply for a new passport.

2 The DS – 160 form confirmation page:

In the above, please indicate your name, your Chinese name in Chinese telegraph code, home address, company name and address in Chinese. Please send your confirmation page of the form with printed on A4 paper. Interview please bring printed DS – 160 form confirmation page. Do not use the fax confirmation page.

3 A photo:

Take a photo which is within 6 months of 2 “x2 inches (51 mm x51 mm) square white background color front. Please use scotch tape to your photo on the passport covers.

4 The original visa application fee receipt:

You can at any branch of China CITIC bank in China to pay the visa application fee $140 (RMB 896). Please click to view how to pay the visa application fee. Please send the receipt with glue or glue paste on the confirmation page of the second half of the page.

5 Contain visa passport before been USA, including the failure of the passport.

6 Complete the student and exchange visitor information system (SEVIS) form:

Complete the I – 20 A – B table (students to F-1) or I -20 M – N table (students to M-1) must be appointed by the school official (DSO) and the applicant’s signature. On the table name must be in complete accord with your name on the passport, academic institutions, and has been the United States into the SEVIS system.

7 SEVIS receipt:

Most J, F and M class visa applicants must now pay for maintenance of student and exchange visitor information system (SEVIS). On the way to the embassy interview, please carry the electronic receipt or original I – 797 receipt. Please click on to see how to pay the SEVIS fee.

8 Have strong binding in China to prove:

Produce the economic, social, family, or other binding file, in order to help prove you intend to return to China after brief stay in the United States.

9 Money to prove:

Prove that you have the ability to pay to stay in the United States need for work during the entire cost.

10 Research/study plan:

Planned during the study or research work of detailed information, including your tutor and/or at the University of the United States, the name and email address.

11 Resume:

Describe in detail your past in academic and work experience, including a list of published articles.

12 The homecoming that old school transcript:

To return to the United States schools that old courses that students should be submitted when applying for a visa official transcripts.

13 The teacher’s personal situation is introduced:

Has been assigned a mentor graduate students in the university in the United States should bring teacher’s personal profile, resume or web pages to print.

Please note that the above material is not exhaustive, present the above documents when interview also can’t ensure that you get the visa. You must get ready for your arrival, so that you can reasonably explain the purpose of your visit to the U.S. when interview and return reason, and show the evidence to prove his statements.


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