Visa application

Britain has always been a good gilded country rapidly, every year there are tens of thousands of international students to study in Britain, there are thousands of international students complete their studies smoothly. Most of the students hope to stay in also has the part of the degree earned overseas working experience. There are some students want to be able to leave, to live and work in the UK. Due to the cancellation of the PSW, want to stay in the UK graduates have to seek other ways to continue to stay legally in Britain.

There are four types of visas in UK:

I.        Entrepreneurs visa:

If put up two hundred thousand pounds of disposable money graduates could have the opportunity to apply for the visa. If the application is successful, can get a visa for three years, three years after the qualified can also continue to renew for two years. Five years later have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. (PSW visa to need 50000 pounds)

Features: as long as the entrepreneurs in the sign at the beginning of the period of three years to create 10 jobs, or more than 5 million pounds of income, can directly apply for permanent residence after the expiration of three years; Enterprise of high potential and can obtain the government or investment companies, investment funds for up to 50000 pounds; Allow the following two business partners with the same source of capital for a visa.

II.        Work visa:

If the graduate student can successfully get a job offer, prior to the expiry of the visa will be able to apply for a work visa meet certain conditions. Graduates work must achieve NQF6 magnitude, and salary requirements to meet a certain amount. License about what employers have to provide a working visa, UKBA requirement update every day.

If the work visa application is successful, the general will be three years; three years after delays can also be another three years. After five years of work visa, if wages can reach £35000, applicants will be able to apply for permanent residence. If applicants refused to apply for permanent residence five years later, after six years of work visa expire will have to leave the UK for 12 months (frozen period) to apply for a visa again.

Features: stay as long as the students from the UK normal university after graduation, to find a job as a salary of 20000 pounds, you can stay in the UK work and life; Britain will set up a new graduates entrepreneurial approach (Graduate Entrepreneur route), for those with world-class innovative concept, want to stay in the UK to develop these ideas but not qualified to apply for visa entrepreneurs students 1000 workers sign places. This is for those students with ambition, provides the chance of success!

III.        Student visa delays:

To renew the student visa is probably the most direct the most simple way, but at least to meet the needs of the new school NQF level greater than or equal to the current level. Now have some students enter oneself for an examination by studying business courses such as ACCA remedial class can also extend the student visa, but this suggest they have intention to research the students take the sign method.

Unmarried couple’s visa: if students on a student visa holding period and the British/permanent residence of people live together may apply for the visa. Applicants need to provide first evidence that living together for more than two years (including bank address proof, water electricity bill, etc.). In addition, the applicant also needs a £18600 a year income financial proof, of course, this doesn’t need to be pay, also can be a deposit. If the application is successful, for the first time applicants will receive two and a half years of unmarried couples visa, if after cohabiting couples relationship, you can also renew two and a half years. After five years, applicants can apply for permanent residence.

IV.        Spouse visa:

If students with the British people hold/permanent residence to marry may apply for the visa. The basic requirements and procedures and unmarried couples visa is the same. It is important to note that only after the wedding, can apply for the visa.

European citizens visa: if the students live with citizens of European member states within two years or more, or rather than to marry, according to the European Union law can apply for the visa. Of course, the other half must have the European Treaty Rights (Exercising Treaty Rights), such as work, self-employment, or be subject to the jurisdiction of the medical insurance. The visa one-time can sign five years, and there is no limit to the minimum wage standard.

In the ten years of any type of visa: in the end, if you are on a student visa, or other types of visas in the UK for 10 years in a row, may directly apply for permanent resident visa

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