University of York

City introduction

University of York image 1York, the uzi river is located in the north of England, is the capital of Yorkshire, exactly at the halfway point of the London to Edinburgh, is a transport hub connecting the north and the south, away from London and Edinburgh are less than 2 hours by train, to the London heathrow international airport and Manchester international airport is very convenient. York, population 170000, is one of the ancient city of some 2000 British are few and far between, play an important role in British history. There are a lot of historical sites in the city, Europe’s largest gothic church stands on this. Ancient city, the magnificent cathedral and many museums, could attract 3 million visitors a year, so people called york is second only to London the city worth a visit.

University profileUniversity of York image 3

York University was built in 1963, teaching and research with high reputation both in domestic and international. The university has two campuses, main campus is located in the outskirts of york, only 3 kilometers away from downtown Heslington, campus area is located in the city centre of york (mainly archaeology, history and art, etc), about 25 minutes between two campuses. Although the school time is not long, but scores a lot in recent years, in 2001, the British financial times column 12th in the UK university rankings, it had a lot to do with the school course reform. In the UK, as long as a mention “york university”, people will be at the great truths made by this “academic myth” of higher learning. Now york university students enrollment of 9500 people, nearly 1000 the number of overseas students. Library has more than five million copies of books and more than two thousand seven hundred kinds of journals. University in the UK higher education fund committee research assessment, psychology, computer science, biological science, economics, music, etc. To get full marks five points.

The curriculum

1, the length of schooling and tuition fees

Degree Requirement Years Tuition fees Enrollment
Bachelor Ÿ   Completed domestic regular undergraduate in grade one, good results:Ÿ   6.0 or 6.5 points, or ielts (IELITS)

Ÿ   TOEFL (TOEFL) 550 points

3-5 years Experiment courses: 11130 / yearThe experiment classes: 8430 / year

(among them, the economic, financial, 9990 / year,

Psychology: 12130 / year.

Computer: 12630 / year)

Master Ÿ   Master course graduation, a bachelor’s degree, excellent scores;Ÿ   6.0 or 6.5 points, or IELTS (IELTS)

Ÿ   TOEFL (TOEFL) 550 points

1 year SAME ABOVE September

(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific please refer to the school expense list)

2, the main professional




Managerial Economic


Economics, economic and financial, management, management and information technology


Economics, economics and finance, management, financial management, financial number

Humanities science


Education, education research methods, education, literature and culture in the 19th century, English education, English, science, language, literature, history, art history, music, music and education, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, and applied social sciences (crime, children and youth), political and social system, social system, sociology and social system, social services, archaeology, education and research, English literature, medicine, nursing and midwifery


Management, archaeology, education, primary education, early childhood education, communication, English literature, modern culture, women’s studies, environmental economics, ecology and environmental management, history, art, music, music technology, music, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, public service management, philosophy, politics, communication studies, the 18th century, English study, literature, language, language teaching, railway research, early modern history, modern history, cognitive neuroscience, medical technology, the problem of education equality, cognitive neurology, new medical technology and society, education research methods, science and education, environment and legal basis, archaeological research, archaeological heritage management, architectural archaeology, animal archaeology

Computer science

And engineering


Computer science, computer systems and software engineering, computer science and mathematics, management, information technology and language, electronics, mathematics, mathematics and the sciences, programming


Information processing, software engineering, computer science, electronics, modern applied mathematics, mathematical finance, gas turbine control, natural calculation method

University of York image 2

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