University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh image 1The city is introduced

Seaside city is located in the north of Scotland border, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, is recognized as one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Edinburgh city has a population of about 500000, built in the 17th century. Today, in addition to Edinburgh, Scotland’s business and trade center, or a culture of art. Since 1947, the annual international festival was held in the city, from the world’s top artists to actively participate in art activities, such as the international film festival, international book festival, the international jazz festival, etc., for the whole city, attracting many tourists to visit. Edinburgh is Britain’s main social and cultural center, has a long history and numerous scenic spots and historical sites, art gallery and concert hall, royal museum, the royal botanic gardens, national library of Scotland, holy wood palace, the house of parliament, st to the cathedral and the ancient city of Edinburgh, etc are valuable historical and cultural heritage is famous in the world. Edinburgh, convenient transportation, a plane flew to London from Edinburgh international airport only 1 hour or so, and as the capital of Scotland, the highway and railway line is also very rich, can be quickly and conveniently hit British cities.

University profile

Edinburgh university, founded in 1583, is the six Great Britain is the oldest and one of the largest university, is also the international 21st century university committee member, 2001 FT magazine UK university ranked 16th. University of Edinburgh is cherish the glory of the past, and constantly pursuing innovation, with its excellent and diverse teaching and research is famous in the world. At the university of Edinburgh 8 institutes, respectively is: college of arts, school of law, theology, science and engineering college, academy of social sciences, institute of veterinary college and the music. 05.08.2005University of Edinburgh is Scotland’s highest institution of higher learning, and in the UK and also is a prestigious in the world. Leading the way in many famous universities in the UK. Loves the big 26 professional 24 is international authoritative agencies rated as “excellent” or “very satisfied”. At the university of Edinburgh, the total number of teaching staff of nearly 3000 people, the total number of students, about 18000 people, of which 17% are foreign students from more than 100 countries. In August 1998, morey education college merged with the university of Edinburgh, to further expand the scope of love is big. Edinburgh university set up complete professional, schools encourage students to interdisciplinary research, and awarded the associate’s degree. Graduate students to more than 20% of the total number of students. Love big denotative courses, for students studying abroad for one year of degree program.

The curriculum




medical science


Public health research, preliminary health care, oral medicine, abnormal teeth orthotics, pediatric dentist, denture prosthesis, surgical dentists and medical education





Financial mathematics and operational research


Mathematics and business and management, statistics, mathematics and economics, physics and mathematics, mathematics and business studies, computer science and mathematics, artificial intelligence and mathematics

information science


Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and natural language, computer science, informatics


Artificial intelligence and computer science, artificial intelligence and mathematics, and psychology, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, cognitive science, software engineering, computer linguistics, computer science, computer science and electronics, computer science and management science, computer science and mathematics, computer science and physics, software engineering

Tuition and open semester:


About 9000-24500 pounds per year


The lab courses: about 9450 pounds per year; Laboratory courses: about 12450 pounds per year;

Clinical medicine: about 22600 pounds per year;

Major open term: in September

(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific cost please refer to our school fee list.)

University of  Edinburgh image 3Admission requirements:


1. Complete the domestic normal university undergraduate course grade one, grade point average more than 80%;

2. English proficiency requirements: IELTS6.0-6.5 or toefl 550 (about 213);


1, the undergraduate course graduation, have a bachelor’s degree, average more than 80%;

2, English language requirements: ielts 6.0 (engineering), ielts or toefl 580 6.5 (about 237); MBA, law, veterinary medicine, public health sciences and translation requirements ielts or toefl 600 7.0


Note: the above are basic requirements for the school admission, application please refer to our specific admission requirements in majors.


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