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University of Adelaide image 2City introduction

Adelaide is Australia’s fourth-largest city, built the city in 1836, is also the capital of south Australia, is the center of politics, economy, culture and life of south Australia, close to ten thousand people from more than 100 countries in the international big city life.

Adelaide city belongs to the Mediterranean climate, mild climate throughout the year, wet cool, winter average temperature 10 degrees, warm, dry summer mean temperature 26 degrees. Superior Adelaide city, another is the cost of living is much lower than other cities of the same standard of living.

International airport is only 7 km from downtown Adelaide, in Adelaide and other state capital, there are many domestic flights. Many flight from Melbourne and Sydney to the northern territory are stay in Adelaide. Adelaide, convenient communication, public transportation including cars, trains and trams, neat layout of the city traffic is very convenient

University profile

At the University of Adelaide is Australia’s third multi-campus universities, has a long history. The school was founded in 1874, is Australia’s oldest of one of the three universities. Own building, university of Adelaide has been one of Australia’s top universities, the distinguished achievements in the academic research, Ceng Peiyu out more than three Nobel laureates, Harold award (Rhodes scholar and Australia many outstanding scientists, scholars, and public figures. Adhering to the maintenance of the traditional school, the pursuit of new knowledge, quality and the teaching idea, the school faculty is composed of scholars from all over the world, most scholars have on this subject has achieved outstanding results. At the university of Adelaide in 16 wide range of subject areas in teaching and research activities, and the biological sciences, agriculture, science, engineering (including information technology and communications), medical, dental medicine, physics, environmental science, management science and social science (especially in Asian studies, international economy and geography. The existing more than 14000 students, including 70 overseas students from 70 countries, nearly one thousand teachers. Now the school has four campuses, namely North Travis (North Terrace campus), white (Waite) campus, Ross voss Roseworthy campus and barton (Thebarton campus).University of Adelaide image 1

Schools also benefit from the high technology, high quality teaching modernization laboratory and classroom, installed the modern computer equipment here and international data network, these facilities by a huge research and teaching in the library, it has more than 2 million directory, powerful electronic data network and the Internet address, use very convenient.
The curriculum

1. The preparatory course

Preparatory course for international students provides a good preparation for continuing education degree courses and opportunities, preparatory courses at the university of Adelaide is by Bradford College (Bradford College) awarded, divided into two kinds, ordinary preparatory with fast prep.

Professional direction: engineering, business/economics, medical/health/biological sciences, computer/IT

Entrance requirements: high school graduation with honors; If 3 graduation, good grades;

General prep: ielts 5.5 / toefl 500, intensive preparatory: ielts 6.0 / toefl 550

A term: 2 month, July (normal)

In April, July (prep) quickly

Term: one year

Tuition fee: $14250 / year

2. Diploma

In addition to preparatory courses, Bradford college diploma courses, students in after completion, about 1 year diploma program can be directly into the reading of the university of Adelaide relevant professional grade two.

Professional direction: engineering, computer science, business, information technology, business

Admission requirements: 3 graduation, good performance, ielts 5.5

A semester: April (not suitable for all professional), oct

Tuition fee: $25515 / year (engineering)

$19950 / year (computer science, business information technology, business)

Eductional systme: 1 year

Adelaide university colleges specialized courses and fee schedule

Unit: $





Tuition Fees



Applied economics

International applied economics

A business

15,00015,00017,500 1-2 years1-2 years1-1.5 years


Business, business, accounting, corporate finance, international business, management, marketing, business information technology (it), financial (financial), economics (international business) agriculture, economics, business and law

16,000-17,500 3 years



Music (act) 15,000 1.5 years



Music education

Music study

16,000 3 years4 years3 years



comparative law

10,000 2 years



16,000 4 years

(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific charge school fees list shall prevail)

Entrance requirements

Bachelor’s degree course entrance requirements

1. Complete the university first grade;

2. The English language to achieve ielts 6.0 (writing not less than 6.0, the other individual is not lower than 5.5) or toefl 550 (writing not less than 4.0);

3. Part of the professional special request, please refer to professional entrance requirements.

4. The application fee: $50

Master program admission requirements

1. University graduate and receive a bachelor’s degree;

2. The English language to achieve ielts 6.0 (writing not less than 6 points, and other single not less than 5.5) or toefl 550 points (writing not less than 4.0); Individual professional, more demanding, such as ielts 6.5 or 7.0.

3. The part of the professional special request please refer to the admission requirements.

4. The application fee: $50

The cost of living

University of Adelaide image 2In Melbourne, the annual cost of living in the medium to high level, the consumer price index can refer to the following the official Numbers:

Sydney: $16500 / year

Melbourne: $14000 / year

Brisbane: $12500 / year

Perth: $11000 / year

Accommodation arrangements

Accommodation can be arranged by the school to help international students, students can choose to rent a house, can also choose to host family, roughly as follows:

Rent: 80-110 / week (not including meals and transportation)

Host family: 180-220 / week

Note: the above fees are for reference, specific charge, please refer to the school expense list.

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