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At university college London (UCL), founded in 1826, is the focus of the famous British university, there are currently more than 17000 full-time students, there are nearly 144 students from 144 countries around the world. At university college London, is one of the biggest college, university of London is located in central London Bloomsbury square, near the British library, museum and research institutions. At university college London, is the first university established in London, the first by both applicants, gender, religious and racial and recruit students of institution of higher learning. The hospital disciplines, all of them are many arts, science and engineering specialty. For teaching and scientific research quality matches the Cambridge and Oxford, and there are 67 of 200 courses for students to choose. In addition, the school also constantly developing computer equipment, computer software, to improve teachers’ education, the quality of student learning. At the same time, multimedia, video conference were used as the medium of teaching, science and technology power is very developed.

The curriculum

1, the main professional

Department Degree Major

Faculty of Humanities

Bachelor The ancient world, English and art history, English, French, German, art, economics and economics of eastern Europe, statistics, European social and political study, Hebrew, Greek and Latin, Spanish, jewish studies, philosophy, history, language history of Europe, Hungary, Iceland, linguistics, philosophy
  Master Comparative literature, English, film studies, philosophy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, gender studies, Greek and Latin, translation, true art, Hebrew and jewish studies, Italian, book archives information research, Norse, Spanish Latin American studies, the research of central Europe
Law Bachelor Method of law, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia
  Master Method of law
Faculty of Built Environment Bachelor Architectural design and environmental construction, construction management, construction project management, urban construction, civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, communication engineering, computer engineering, enterprise financial engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, biological engineering
  Master Architecture, environmental research, planning study, construction environment, environmental management planning, and urban economic development, the development plan, construction management, building environment, urban planning, planning study, the vocational education


Curriculum and Tuition

Degree Requirement Years Tuition fees (pounds)
Bachelor Ÿ   Completed domestic regular undergraduate in grade 1, good results;

Ÿ   In science and engineering: the ielts or toefl 580 6.5 points

3-5 years

Ÿ   Liberal arts/law: 10500

Ÿ   Science/construction: 13750

Ÿ   Medicine: 20500

Master Ÿ   Key university undergraduate course graduation, a bachelor’s degree, excellent scores

Ÿ   The ielts or toefl 580 6.5 points

1 year Ÿ   The liberal arts: 11500

Ÿ   The law: 11750

Ÿ   Science/medicine: 14250-14250.

(Note: the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and the professional entrance requirements shall prevail.)

English course

Language center for international students at university college London to provide different levels of quality English courses. 20 hours per week, each class 12-14 people. Improve the students’ grammar, vocabulary and speaking ability, also on the professional of the students to listen, say, read, writing training.


Weeks Tuition Fees Enrollment Requirement
12 weeks 2600 pounds June

The ielts 5.5 or toefl 530 + writing 2

8 weeks 1750 pounds July

The ielts 6 or toefl 550 + writing 3

5 weeks 1150 pounds August

The ielts 6.5 or toefl 570 + writing 4

(Note: the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and the professional entrance requirements shall prevail.)

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