Chinese high school students is best when to apply for a British university?

British university application system adopts the principle of first come first serve, quota is limited, therefore, students tend to choose the school, apply as soon as possible, to apply for British universities is to spend some time to get the OFFER.

Comprehensive ranking of the top 10 schools, in addition, the British university in September only once a year of school, the classmates if missed the application period, there is likely to waste a year, or only choose other school.

Some British university, there are 2 times a year of school – September and January, the Chinese high school students of the university entrance exam generally come out in July, so, want to according to the university entrance exam students decide whether to go abroad to study, if the language performance is good, take the time can keep up with the school in September, but it also depends on the specific circumstances to decide).

And if the situation was complex, cannot catch up with the school in September, also can choose the following January the prep school, entered the stage of university in September.



The university entrance exam is important?

In general, the school is not valued domestic students of the university entrance exam, after all, the education system of two countries are different, so, if before the college entrance examination have decided to go abroad, that you don’t have to attend the university entrance exam.

British colleges and universities generally only requiring a high school transcript and language achievement.

A-chiang go abroad is a good choice. Britain has a lot of Top 30 within schools accept high school students.

And whether two or three students to go to England to reading prep, so after school reading abroad can save time in a year.

English is only part of the top 10 schools required to provide three years of high school diploma and high school grades, most schools don’t need to offer high school graduation certificate.


No language scores can apply for?

Often have students or parents, in the beginning, they thought should be after all material conform to the requirements of the school can apply for.

Actually, this is wrong, and may apply for delay time.

When applying for the school is the first language, application or at the same time the application after the exam, even replace can with school internal testing.


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