Australia’s university education began in the 1850 s, when at the university of Sydney and the university of Melbourne have to follow the British Oxford and Cambridge model. By 1911, in order to adapt to the needs of rapid development countries, six major cities already have their own university. Currently in Australia have 39 states of excellent university. Most universities are located in the city or the beach, there are also located in the countryside. School sizes, or more generally between 3000 and 3000 students. Australia has a population of more than one thousand seven hundred, the number of students in Australia and the proportion of the population, compared with the rest of the world is on the high side. The way of teaching university including teaching and research. All courses are in February or march, but also some part of the school classes in the middle of July.

University offers courses include: doctoral degree/master’s degree/master’s master’s certificate/diploma/bachelor’s degree/college diploma

A doctorate in at least three years. A master’s degree course for a year and a half to two years. Fixed number of year of the bachelor’s degree courses for three years, but may also for six years, also general class time one more years can get an honorary degree. College diploma in length for 2 to 3 years


Australia’s private business school provides an extensive long and short-term vocational training courses, a certificate and diploma course, including computers, business, secretary, beauty, hairdressing and pilot training. Diploma programmes provided by the private business schools generally the way of teaching is above 40 years old, subject is very broad, mainly learning professional skills. And obtain the certificate course department are small and short, with time to 12 weeks to 30 weeks courses. In the private business college, students may get content area certificate of diploma, to facilitate their job-hunting.


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