Last month, 2013 Forbes ranking to an American university. Stanford University (Stanford University) tops, Princeton, Princeton University, Yale (Yale University), the Columbia University (Columbia University) respectively for three to five, of Harvard University (Harvard University)) ranking fell, from last year’s sixth to eighth.

Force, the west coast of the ivy league colleges and universities in second, the school Pomona College (Pomona College). President David oakes toby (David Oxtoby) in an interview with conceal his excitement and joy: “some schools face ranking may be very low-key, but we don’t want to. Pomona college in try my best to be the best.”

Other top liberal arts College ranking equally bright eye, voss Moore school (various College) 6; (United States Military Academy at west point he Academy) 7; Williams College (Williams College) 9; 2 in the top 10, seven liberal arts colleges occupy seats. Not with the aim to cultivate professional skills, practice of general education of the traditional liberal arts college with outstanding performance as usual, and return the utilitarianism of the challenge of higher education in the United States.

In June this year, Harvard University and the American Academy of Arts and science (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) issued a report, respectively, release “the humanities in jeopardy” signal.

Outside, Stanford university, humanities professor hayes, russo berman, a recent speech in tsinghua university, in American culture, the humanities education are given to cultivate elites, democracy, career development and the expectation of citizen education. Back in 1945, the then President of Harvard University Conant (James Bryant Conant) led panel, issued general education research report “general education” in a free society, higher education in the United States must overcome excessive specialization tendency is put forward. Presence in the United States for 30 years after the war the introduction part of the education framework of report, Conant, said: “the core issue of general education, is a continuous boya education and the humanities tradition… even if students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, solid, etc, can read and write several languages, is still not enough to become a citizen of a free society. Because of such courses and human individual emotional experience and the practice of human groups lack of contact.” In 1949, on the basis of the report of general education plan to implement, set up the humanities and science, subject status of the three pillars of society.

However, nearly 60 years, the humanities weakness fully revealed. According to a report by the Harvard University and the American college of liberal arts, since 1966, the national literature bachelor’s degree awarding of overall degree-conferring ratio fell to 7% from 14%. At harvard, since 1954, the rate has fallen from 36% to 36%. Of the 2006 freshmen, 27% of respondents said they would choose the humanities, in 2012, choose the humanities only 18% of respondents from newborn.


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