The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales image 3City introduction

University of New South Wales is located in Australia’s largest and most vibrant city of Sydney. The international metropolis with “lifestyle” Sydney determine the position of one of the leading cities “internationalization”, and by the authority of international travel magazine as “the best city in the world”. Sydney is located in the southeast coast of new south Wales, Australia, is Australia’s portal channel, also is one of the most diverse city culture in the world, her food, entertainment, and custom penetrates this feature. Now a total of more than 400 people live in this beautiful land. Sydney is Australia’s various basic port of international shipping routes, she than other cities in Australia have more opportunities for entertainment, shopping and sightseeing. Sydney landmark is a famous Sydney harbour bridge, Sydney opera house and call for the spectacle.

In Sydney, four seasons climate: December to February for the summer, march to may for the autumn, June to August for the winter, from September to November for spring. January and February the hottest, the highest temperature of 25 ℃ or so; And in July and August, the most cold, about 6 ℃ lowest temperature. She didn’t have the rainy season, precipitation distribution in months throughout the year. Sydney city climate is mild, the sunshine is bright, and people love outdoor sports, advocate a healthy lifestyle. In Sydney, there are thousands of leisure entertainment, including, swimming, hiking, camping in the most popular.

University profileThe University of New South Wales image 2

Founded 50 years ago, the University of New South Wales, with its first-rate teaching and research level, four consecutive years ranked the top ten in the Asia-pacific region to Asia week at the university. In addition, in 2000 and 2001 Australian good university guide, won the highest star 5 star. Currently have 35000 students at the university of new south wales, including 8200 from 90 different countries of the international students.

Graduate student at the university of new south wales remarkable achievements in their fields or business. As the 21 members of the association of a prestigious university, one of the university of new south wales in 1998 three won the award for “rhodes scholar. Over the past 50 years, the university of new south wales has trained tens of thousands of students, they are all over the world, in Asia and Australia government dominant, commercial and industrial fields. The university of new south wales has more than four hundred undergraduate and graduate programs, to give students the opportunity to gain a first-class international recognition of qualifications. Southeast of the main campus of the university of new south wales in Sydney suburb, 38 hectares, to take a bus to the railway station, airport of the city’s not exceed 30 minutes.

School facilities

the library: the library of new south wales is located in the main campus, having the materials (including domestic periodicals, audio-visual materials, international newspapers and magazines and all kinds of map) the total number of 2050000, take up the number of adjacent building, is Australia one of the largest and most complete information category;

Swim pool: Olympic size can heating indoor swimming pool 50 meters pool;

: bring the gym equipment excellent modern stadium, there are two 25 m swimming pool, gym, swimming pool, a 50 meters 2 indoor basketball court and 3 indoor volleyball court. 60 exercise class every week, as many as dozens of fitness programs, from static to dynamic variety of vigorous exercise, yoga to ensure everyone can find their own a;

Bring the playground: 10 tennis court; Comprehensive lacrosse field; Australian rules football, rods, softball outdoor venue;

Bring health facilities: pharmacy; Physicians and doctors, dentists, psychological doctor’s health center;

Bring the bank: the two devices

Accommodation arrangements

Schools that accommodation should depends on students’ personal preferences, so the school is not advocating a pre-arranged accommodation for students. But in order to ensure the students can have a place to live, after reaching the international student service center for students pre-arranged on-campus apartment, hotel, or short-term temporary shelters such as home stay family. After arrival, the university a specific service to help students find the most suitable accommodation, and accompanied by a staff to see many homes for choice. Then students can choose the following some accommodation such as rental housing, homestay, university accommodation, etc.

English – ELICOS course

  1. 1.      The course description: the University of New South Wales is a language school is located in the center of language education at the university, was founded in 1966. She is not only the qualifications of the oldest university in Australia language center; it is also one of Australia’s largest university language centers. School in Randwick and Kensington or two teaching in schools: professor Randwick campus courses include: general English skills, Cambridge exam preparation course, English and translation skills, business communications English, international communication English, hotel and tourism English, academic English, teachers of English. Professor Kensington or campus courses include: academic preparation in English, English school courses, the university of New South Wales ielts/toefl to courses and the university of New South Wales preparatory courses.
  2. 2.      The course fee units: Australian dollar

Learning time

5 weeks

10 weeks

Tuition fees

1775 3,550

Course registration fee



Accommodation Placement fee



Accommodation fees (4 weeks)



Pick up



(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific cost please refer to our school fee list)

Preparatory courseThe University of New South Wales image 1

First:The types of courses

1. The standard course: for students of the English language ability, good academic performance.

2. Additional standard type: suitable for English language ability is strong, but want to academic course of students in teaching progress is a bit slower.

3. The expansion type: suitable for need special language learning and incremental learning of students. When students language requirements is slightly lower than the first two classes, can participate in the 10 weeks expanded course after reading standard courses.

Second: Course selection: applicants should write in the name of three undergraduate majors in preference order, will be admitted to the corresponding preparatory courses. Each preparatory academic preparation for English, computer learning, mathematics curriculum and associated with the selected undergraduate courses.

Third :a requirement for admission


1. The English expansion type: ielts 5.0 / toefl 500; Standard, the standard additional type: ielts 5.5 / toefl 525;

2. Degree required: regular high school graduation, good grades or 3 graduation, good grades.

Four set, term: expanding type, standard type additional one, starts in July, standard four, starts in October

Five, the annual tuition: expanded with additional standard for $16500, standard for $14500.

Bachelor’s degree course entrance requirements

1. The degree requirements: domestic finish college course grade one;

2. The language requirement: ielts of 6.5 (the small can’t less than 6.0) or toefl 577 (5.0), some professional language requirement will be higher;

3. The application fee: $100 (no refund)

A master’s degree course entrance requirements

1. The degree requirements: graduated from normal university, bachelor’s degree;

2. The language requirement: ielts of 6.5 (the small not less than 6.0) or toefl 577 (5.0), higher request some professional language;

3. The application fee: $100 (no refund)

Note: the above are basic requirements for the school entrance, the special requirements of various professional, please refer to the professional entrance requirements


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