The University of Cambridge

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Second at the university of Cambridge in the UK, was established in 1209, the college has appeared in 1284. Now, there are 31 colleges Cambridge, including three women’s college, two special graduate schools.

Different historical background, the colleges admissions procedures within each different, each school to some extent, like a miniature university have their own school rules. Undergraduates usually apply to the schools. Note: when applying for next year’s application deadline is October 15 this year, the application form must be sent to Cambridge before this date, the UCAS application form at this time must also be sent to UCAS before this date, and shall not make application at the same time at Oxford and Cambridge.

Cambridge is a small city, of students in the centre of the city is riding a bike everywhere, but summer attraction in the city. City is composed of various colleges, thus has strong historical atmosphere, the countryside is on edge. Villages along the river near Cambridge, is England, Cambridge is named after the river.


The university of Cambridge image 2Generally speaking, the British schooling to shorter than in the United States. Undergraduate students at the university of Cambridge is usually three to four years. After reading three years, they can get a bachelor’s degree; Through four years down can get master degree (bioarchaeology); If a job after three years to get a bachelor’s degree, a year later can also hand in your paper work again, directly apply for a master’s degree. So strictly speaking, the university of Cambridge has no real master degree, a master’s degree is just a transition. Sciences is a slight characteristic of Cambridge and Oxford degree, on the basis of different professional, it is two years commonly, taught for a year, a year. If course exam results (typically four courses) of more than 65 points, can be directly converted to Dr, read two years to a PhD. Sciences and master the difference between the three: first, the sciences of a year or two years, time can be calculated to Dr Dr Is direct reading at least three years; Second, if your final grade in the more than 65 points, the school can provide you with “OPEN” (OPEN), and within the effective time (e.g., two years), you can always go to school, to continue your doctoral degree; Third, Cambridge rules, if you get sciences degree, working with a fixed number of year, you also can be directly submitted to apply for PhD thesis, school according to your paper quality and work performance, and can give your doctorate, while the master without the “privilege”, but the way to get doctor’s degree is not too.

Professional Settings

The university of Cambridge image 3The English department. Modern and medieval language department; Music; Oriental department; Economics; The education department. The department of philosophy; Social and political science; Engineering department; Department of mathematics; Archaeology and anthropology department; Pharmaceutical medicine; Computer department; Land economics. Management; Biology; Archaeology and anthropology department; Architecture; Department of classics; Department of geography; History; Art history; School of law; Language is; Religious god department; Department of chemical engineering; Manufacturing engineering; Natural sciences; Veterinary department.

The main open term

Every year in October

The tuition fees

Ÿ   Liberal arts and mathematics: 8832 pounds per year

Ÿ   Music building geographical science: 11571 pounds per year

Ÿ   Clinical medicine: 21417 pounds per year

(Students need to pay 3100 pounds to 3400 pounds of school fees.)

(Note: the following costs are for reference only, specific cost will be subject to school fee list)


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