St Andrews High school

Location: card Leighton, Florida

Year: 1961

School types: men and women in the school

Religious affiliation: church

Campus area: about 78 acres

Student number: about 600 people

The proportion between teachers and students: about 1:8

ESL English courses: admission

Time: January/September

School profile

St Andrews is a middle school provides mixed schools from high school courses. School faculty and staff of 77 people, including 32 teachers is a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree in 40, and five doctoral degree. The school facilities, beautiful environment, with multimedia language laboratory, laboratory of mathematics, writing center, library, multiple track and field, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc for students to use. Schools adhere to the motto of the “honor first”, not only cultivate the academic elite talents, and pay attention to the development of all aspects of physical quality and ethics. Students here harvest is not only knowledge, but also for its growth and development of comprehensive benefit for the rest of my life. For admission to the school for the new students to provide a three-month study skills as well as the schedule of classes. In addition, the school entrance guidance offices, there are senior teachers to help students in numerous university find suitable for their own learning. Most of the previous graduates can smooth fine secondary education

City introduction

St Andrews school in Florida “card leighton, the region living environment comfortable and safe, pleasant climate, a 39 park in the city. St Andrews school from Fort Lauderdale international airport only 30 minutes, about 60 minutes’ drive from the air at Miami international airport. School near many shopping places of entertainment, convenient for students’ daily life.

The curriculum

Main subjects: English, history, mathematics (geometry, algebra, etc.), foreign language, science (physical, chemical and biological), visual arts, performing arts, theology, life skills, community service, intercollegiate sports, sports, computer science and application, etc.

School with honors and AP course.

Entrance requirements

Second day reading to school reading students;

Students are required to provide official transcripts, personal statement, the teacher recommendations and related materials.

Related fees (2006-2007 academic year)

Application fee: $100 (not refundable)

Tuition fee: $34850 (including food and accommodation)

Other miscellaneous fees, such as activities, premiums, allowances, etc. The concrete is different from person to person.

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.


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