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Beach in southeastern Australia, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, the downtown area of more than 800 square kilometers and a population of about 3.5 million, is second only to Sydney’s second largest cities in China. Melbourne is a temperate climate, clear four seasons and summer temperatures between 14-25 degrees Celsius, winter between 6 to 13 degrees Celsius, the spring and autumn period and the two season climate is mild. If New York is in the south Pacific, Sydney, Melbourne is Australia’s London this ancient and modern city, is also the Australian culture, tourism, economic and financial center. Melbourne is the best place to live in one of the three major cities in the world, has a “garden city” the laudatory name, the city layout is neat and beautiful, skyscrapers and all kinds of classical architecture in photograph echo, the urban ring tram designed for tourists, along the way through the many tourist attractions, such as art center, conference center, crown casino in Melbourne Victoria park, south bank area, gold and silver, Mr Roy park, royal pavilion, the old prison marcus smith.could cinemas, Melbourne, Melbourne central department, etc.

Open space, fresh and clean environment, pleasant climate, relaxed way of life, low crime rate and multicultural fusion, the ideal place to study in Melbourne for international students.

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Monash University, founded in 1961, in 40 years, has become Australia’s largest and most diversified university, and the Australian national university, the university of Sydney, university of Melbourne, the university of new south Wales, royal Melbourne institute of technology, Queensland university and other prestigious along, currently more than 49500 students, including 14% of international students. Monash university in Melbourne to build six campus, in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and South Africa, Johannesburg, each have a campus, in London and Italy also has a center. Each campus is a multicultural community, to accommodate the students from more than 120 countries of the world.

Monash university ten schools offer plenty of bachelor’s degree programs and graduate programs, including: arts, art and design, business and economics, education, engineering, information technology, law, medicine, medicine and science. Monash university is committed to high quality teaching and scientific research work, and opened a wide range of professional and diverse social activities, including with many companies in the world, the scientific research organizations, experts, groups and government departments to maintain close contact, each year to provide its staff and students to work in other countries, learning, and access to the opportunities, and since 1998 for foreign students in China and other developing countries to provide the Australian government scholarship.

Advantage of the school

Ÿ   Does Monash university is a famous Australian eight important university teaching and research group, one of the members of the school;

Ÿ   Does Monash university in Australia education authority magazine ranked in many of the good university guide have five-star;

Ÿ   Does Monash university many excellent graduates in government agencies, multinational companies and academia in central positions, including Australian chancellor of the exchequer, Kuala Lumpur stock exchange executive chairman, President of Singapore stock exchange, the bank of Thailand before senior executives, Indonesia’s foreign affairs adviser, Singapore’s chief doctor elite from all walks of life, such as organ transplantation;

Ÿ   Does 2400 academic staff of Monash university published each year more than 5000 kinds of academic works;

Ÿ   Does Monash University have 75 research centers, including 17 institutes with government and business cooperation

The curriculum

English courses:

Monash University offers four English language courses, such as general English, English, English for academic preparation transition course, academic course introduction to English.

Cost: registration fee $200, tuition around $350 a week.

Preparatory courses:

In January, standard for 40 weeks of the start of the course in September, April reinforcement for 30 weeks of the start of the course;

Tuition fee: $15000

A semester: January, April and September

Entrance requirements: high school graduation, good grades. Standard course IELTS5.5 various small (not less than 5.0) or TOEFL525 writing (3.5);

Strengthening curriculum IELTS6.0 various small (not less than 6.0) or TOEFL550 writing (4.0)

Diploma:Monash University image 1

Profession: business, information technology, engineering, art and design

A semester: 3 month, July and October

Part 1 (first phase):

Educational system: 12 months

Admission requirements: domestic high school graduation, average more than 80 points, the IELTS 5.5 (all sub-scores not less than 5.0) or TOEFL527 (4) writing

Part 2 (second phase):

Educational system: eight months

Admission requirements: high school graduation, average more than 80 points and had the university entrance exam 450 points, for the application of art and design professional students, requiring a 10-15 individual works, the IELTS 6.0 (the small not less than 6.0) or TOEFL 550 writing (4.5)

After the completion of the first phase of the diploma course, students can choose to go to university in grade one, relevant and professional undergraduate course diploma or continue to the second phase can be routine, after the completion of the second stage course, can go to university second grade relevant and professional undergraduate course.

Monash university professional course and fee schedule

College degree in professional course Tuition fees (AUS $) Years
The faculty of arts Master Literature, music, music performance of composition), the application of Japanese linguistics, Asian studies, biography and writing, communications and media studies, the environment, Japanese translation, music, public history, tourism, translation, application of sociology, Australian study, creative writing, international relations, the survival environment and management, criminal justice, international development and the environment analysis, music research, publishing and editing, terrorists, drama, visual culture, the qualification of learning 18000 1-2 years
Bachelor Arts and literature (journalism and linguistics, communication science, communication science, music and the performing arts, social welfare, cognitive science, theology, 16000 17500 3-4 years
Art & Design Master Multimedia, multimedia design, the visual arts 16000-18000 1.5 year
Bachelor The fine arts, industrial design, interior architecture, visual arts, creative arts, multimedia and digital art and design (visual communication) 16000-18000 3-4 years
College of business and economics Master Applied economics, applied finance, banking, business, accounting, banking and finance, MBA, commercial law, foreign affairs and trade, human resource management, industrial and employment relationship, international business, management, marketing, professional accounting, public policy and management, risk management, tax, and philosophy 15500-22400 1-1.5 years
Bachelor Business (accounting, banking and finance, human resources, law, management, marketing, retail management, risk management, accounting and finance, business statistics, economics, tourism, psychology and management, and business 19000-20700 3-4 years
Medicine, nursing and health institute Master Clinical embryology, biological medicine, clinical epidemiology, health service management, nursing, occupational and environmental health, organizational psychology, public health, reproductive science, social work, philosophy, international bioethics 14800-30000 1-2 years
Bachelor Behavioral neuroscience, biological medicine, nutrition and dietetics, radiography, nursing, social work, both inside and outside science 15000-34000 3-5 years
Education Master Counseling, education, general education, early childhood education, information and communication technology, math and science education, leading policy and change education, special education, education management, English language teaching, language teaching and learning research, application, school leaders), psychology (consultation, education and development), guidance and leadership 16600-18600 1-2 years
Bachelor Adult education and development, early childhood education, primary education, sport and outdoor recreation, early childhood studies 16000 3-4 years

(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific charge school fees list shall prevail)

Entrance requirements

Bachelor’s degree course entrance requirements

1. Finish college or high school graduation and grade one complete year preparatory courses;

2. The English language to achieve ielts 6.0 (the small not less than 6.0) or toefl 550 (writing no less than 5 minutes (), some professional more demanding, such as law, pharmacology, medicine such as ielts 6.5 or 7.0.

3. Each major special admission requirements must be reference for professional admission requirements.

4. The application fee: $100

Graduate program admission requirements

1. University graduate and receive a bachelor’s degree;

2. The English language to achieve ielts 6.5 (each single item shall be not less than 6 points) or toefl 577 points (writing shall not be less than 5 points); Individual professional, higher request, such as education, medicine, pharmacology, such as ielts 7.0.

3. Various professional special admission requirements must be reference for professional admission requirements.

4. The application fee: $100

Accommodation arrangements

Monash university accommodation office to provide accommodation for international students to help and guidance, to help students find the most suitable for their way of life and to meet the need of its individual accommodation options. Monash university campus to provide different accommodation options, depending on the individual situation and needs of students to choose accommodation, including the host family and student apartments and unit housing, housing 100 to $200 a week.

Students studying in monash university life, according to different campuses, accommodation and lifestyle choices, each year for every student’s living cost between $17000 to $20000, including accommodation, food, clothing, transportation, books, stationery, entertainment and other miscellaneous expenses, etc

Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific cost please refer to our school fee list

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