Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  image 1

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

School types: Private

Start: 1861

Schools rank: The fourth

ESL English courses: No

School website:

City introduction

Cambridge, Massachusetts, eastern to Charles River is bounded, and the city of Boston. The city of Cambridge has 16.3 square kilometers and a population of about 100000. Cambridge is one of the world famous university, founded in 1636, the United States as early as the famous Harvard University and Massachusetts institute of technology is in the city. A quarter of the population here is a college student, 1/7 of the jobs are in the school. Cambridge density of population is the top six in the United States. The city has 13 residential areas, residential population ranging from 600 to 13000.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology image 3

University Profile

The Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) is a comprehensive private university, and is the best institute of university of science and technology, ranking fourth in 2007. The college of natural and engineering science, enjoying high reputation all over the world, its management, economics, philosophy, political science, linguistics is also good. The Lincoln laboratory, computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory, media lab and Sloan school of management is very famous. 59 the Nobel Prize winner was study or work in Massachusetts institute of technology.

The main course

Bachelor degree major

Aeronautics and space aeronautics, aerospace engineering, aerospace engineering and information technology, architecture, art and design, bioengineering, biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, earth, atmospheric and planetary science, economics, electrical engineering and computer science, electronic science and engineering, environmental engineering, film and media, foreign language and literature, history, management, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mathematics and computer science, mechanical engineering, music and drama literature, nuclear engineering, Marine engineering, philosophy, physics, physical and electronic engineering, psychology, etc.

Master the main professional

Architecture, media arts and sciences, urban studies and planning, aeronautics, biological engineering, chemical engineering, civil environmental science, electronic engineering and computer science, system engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear science and engineering, ocean engineering, economics, history, literature, management, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, etc.

Entrance requirements

Undergraduate courses

Ÿ   High school graduate, good performance, are among the best in the class.

Ÿ   Need the SAT (1 & 2) or the ACT or TOEFL to SAT2 scores (reference standards: some Verbal in 690-770, mathematics between 740-800; TOEFL577);

Ÿ   Through the school interview (not necessary);

Ÿ   Opening date: in September.

A master degree

Ÿ   College graduate with a bachelor’s degree, result is extremely good, are among the best in the class.

Ÿ   Need GRE scores, industrial and commercial management need GMAT scores;

Ÿ   TOEFL at least 577 (about 233), not later than December 31 test;

Ÿ   A term: in September.

(Note: each professional term, application requirements vary, please before applying for specific queries )


Costs associated with the unit: $

Undergraduate: Tuition fees 33, 600 / year, Living expenses 12, 750 / year;

Master: Tuition fees 44, 530 / year, Living expenses 21, 220 / year.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  image 2

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail. 


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