Ivy first high school in the United States

City background

Los Angeles is the second largest city, is located in the southwest of California. With a total area of 10567 square kilometers and a population of 10 million, after New York City. Los Angeles is the largest industrial center in the western United States, California, manufacturing output accounted for about 1/2, the third in the nation. Heavy industry developed. Aircraft industry in the prominent position, the three major aircraft manufacturing company of lockheed, and Douglas company, set up in the north of downtown Burbank and Santa monica in the west bank. Business and finance, insurance, bank, savings and credit institutions, insurance companies and so on throughout the city. Wholesale, retail sales after New York and Chicago.

In addition, Los Angeles is a center of culture education and tourism in the western United States, there are at the university of California, Los Angeles, of the university of southern California and the California institute of technology and other famous universities.

School characteristics

1. The teaching quality is superior, the remarkable achievements. Students have won many prizes in the United States Olympic competition

2. For the students of grade 9-12 provide different teaching methods and challenging courses, small courses and counselling, director of the Chinese system of teaching and counselling for students;

3. A number of doctoral and master’s professional teacher SAT 1, the SAT and TOEFL exam test 2 courses, help students through language shut, as soon as possible into the American environment;

4. To save time to save money in school: application without language requirements, professional course and language courses at the same time. The university graduates have the opportunity to complete a college degree in three years, every year there are a number of graduates was the top 50 universities in the United States. 85% of the graduates can enter four-year university, and obtain high scholarship;

5. The approval issued by the U.S. immigration and naturalization service (ins) SEVIS I – 20 admission form, legal recruiting international students, visa rate is high.

The main course

Ivy first high school grades 9-12 junior middle school and high school curriculum.

Ÿ   Form: students directly enrolled in junior middle school or high school curriculum, without additional language course;

Ÿ   In conditions: students can apply to high and early reading;

Ÿ   Time to start: spring On February 1, summer on July 1, autumn on September 15.

Related fees

1. The application fee of $300, bank charges $25, SEVIS fee of $100, $425;

2. The tuition fee: $12000 / year, a sign to pay within 7 days after school.

3. The cost of living: about $12000 / year, specific costs vary from person to person


Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.

Ivy list of no. 1 middle school graduates enters a higher school in recent years, some colleges and universities)

The university of southern California, university of Washington at the university of California, Berkeley, university of California, east bay

The university of California, Los Angeles, university of California, San Diego, Boston university, the university of California, Santa Barbara


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