High School

Today, the study showed a trend of the development of the “tsunami” gradually, the number of high school abroad directly also gradually increase. But study abroad is not the same as domestic, once the child what’s the problem with parents is limited. Therefore, to send their children to study abroad in the United States on this issue, parents have a lot of concerns. So, what are the advantages to attend high school? Need to pay attention to what issues? Now, let xinquan study in the United States expert answers one by one to you.

Two of the advantages of American high school

Than to read the domestic high school, American high school admission chances

As is known to all, China’s high school graduates to directly to the undergraduate course, especially into the top university is very competitive, because domestic students learn not only need to go all out of high school, in the United States to prepare for the SAT and TOEFL, time and energy is involved from China SAT test centers set up in Hong Kong alone, so, not only the exam is difficult, and extremely disadvantageous. If students choose high school in the United States, not only to the SAT is very convenient, but also can directly take AP credits, such as university have a lot of help to apply for school, and college can offset the corresponding credit in the future, save cost and time.

In addition, students in the United States in the high school system for learning experience and the experience of extra-curricular activities and community activities also by the identity of the American education system, and the student to obtain teacher recommendation and provost evaluation, because of the different education system, students are in China do not have access to, and these to want to enter the school learning of students is very important for admission review. American high school will have special entrance consultant, can better guide the students to apply for American universities.

To learn the living environment safe, stable and effective

Because the Chinese education system and cultural habits, the students’ ability of independent living, psychological quality and environmental adaptability is relatively weak. Multicultural integration environment, the American high school is a good way to broaden children’s horizons and knowledge, to better cultivate their independence and autonomy, enhance children’s self-confidence, the sense of responsibility, to help students quickly adapt to the local learning environment, for the development in the future to lay the good habits of living and thinking. Such as a thorough understanding of the laws and customs, avoid the cultural conflict and dispute, try not to walk alone in the lonely stretch at night, night late into the night can be read in the library school called the police to drive back to the residence, etc.

The school is very pay attention to cultivate the students’ comprehensive quality education, especially in high school. In China, all centers are around the university entrance exam, an exam-oriented education, students’ interests to kill, the various basic skills were serious limitations. In the United States, high school is a small class teaching, the local high school to student’s comprehensive quality training very seriously, the school’s courses are very abundant, is conducive to students’ personalized development fully, so that the students can get comprehensive development.


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