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Griffith University image 3City introduction

Queensland is located in the north of Australia, is Australia’s second largest in area and population of about 1300000, the third in the nation. Queensland, 7400 km long coastline. Enjoy the “sunshine state” reputation, Queensland is one of the world’s most urban color, has high level of health, education and living. Queensland summer average high temperature 29 ℃, the average minimum temperature around 10 ℃ in winter. Brisbane (Brisbane) is the capital of Queensland, Australia is the only as “sun city” in the name of a subtropical capital. Brisbane is a young and dynamic city, is second only to Sydney, Melbourne, Australia’s third largest city, with its good public security, diverse cultural environment and friendly city atmosphere is known as Australia’s most liveable city. Brisbane is a both modern and traditional beauty of beautiful city, a subtropical climate, warm summer and mild winter, the air is fresh, beautiful environment. World famous sunshine coast and the gold coast to Brisbane become a paradise for vacationers, enjoy the beautiful broad beach, full of taste of theme park, famous warner movie world, a world class Marine fantasy world, also can go to paradise country experience Australia the most primitive way of life. Because there are many koalas – koala sanctuary, so people call it “the koala”.

Griffith University image 1University profile

Griffith University was founded in 1971, is an advanced institution of higher learning, the federal government investment construction due to its best performance in teaching and scientific research enjoys high reputation in the world. – gold coast of Queensland in the development of Griffith university is located in the corridor, the school has six campuses, about 27100 students, including overseas students to about 5000 people, staff of about 2700 people. Apart from that, the campus, the school also includes the granite watt mountain, the gold coast campus, Logon campus, along with Australia’s largest music college, Queensland College of music and art institute of Australia’s oldest – Queensland College of art, both houses located in the pleasant scenery of Brisbane and gold coast. Each campus has the bus lines, Queensland College of art and the Queensland College of music and the train route, the transportation is convenient. Griffith university library have 600000 books and 10250 of the magazine. Electric resources including computer database, electronic books, electronic journals, electronic resources and academic report records, students can dial free into the database.

Advantage of the school

Ÿ   Griffith university is one of Australia’s universities, which is the most progressive and one of the most vibrant university;

Ÿ   Griffith university in six colleges have convenient geographical position and beautiful environment, excellent services and facilities for students. School is equipped with more than 80 clubs and societies, to provide students a lot of the opportunity to display their talent.

Ÿ   Griffith university research is well known in the world, with more than 50 research center, institute and scientific research units. In industry, in areas such as molecular biology, psychology and communication policy has a world-class scientific research project, in many international fund fund project research center at the university plays an important role.

Ÿ   Griffith University image 2Griffith university with more than 100 international universities signed the international academic communication agreement, Griffith Asia Pacific advisory organization because of its outstanding contribution to the academic exchange and approved by the whole international academia.

Ÿ   Griffith university and the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization and the Australian agency for international aid development carried out from the environmental management and primary health care and other broad education training courses, with all countries in the world and the relevant experts to carry on the effective communication.

Ÿ   Griffith university is Australia provides the IBT fast and one of the seven universities in bachelor’s degree. In addition, the school also offers more than 200 kinds of 200 kinds of bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, extensive and practical course, subject setting and demand combined closely, provide students with sufficient space for freedom of choice and social employment, so that the students can quickly apply.

Ÿ   Interdisciplinary teaching is one of the features of Griffith university, the course first application in the field of environment at the university in other areas also has introduced the advanced quickly

The curriculum

English course

Griffith university English language institute offers a variety of English courses, including ordinary English, academic English, Cambridge preliminary English and ielts preparation, etc.

Cost: registration fee: $125

Tuition fee: $270 / week

A semester: January 12-13 February (5 weeks)

February 16-23 April (10 weeks)

On May 4 – July 9 (10 weeks)

On September 24, July 19 – (10 weeks)

On October 11-17 December (10 weeks)

Griffith university colleges professional course and fee schedule

Unit: $





Tuition Fees



Applied economics, financial budget, human resource management, marketing management, technology management, sports management, international tourism and hotel management, Asian studies, international relations, international finance, business, banking and finance, information systems, international business, innovation and change of strategy management, management information system, public sector management, MBA, professional accounting, electronic commerce, accounting and finance, and event management

1.5 years



Business, business management, marketing, banking, finance and risk management, financial planning and investment, leisure management, tourism management, hotel management, international business, international finance, international relations

3 years




Special education, applied linguistics, outdoor education, primary education, secondary education, adult and vocational education, environmental education

1-2 years



Adult and vocational education, primary education, secondary education (drama, mathematics, computer and science, health and sports, English and sociology), special education, science and technology education

4 years




Criminal science, the international sports law, law, ethics and norms

1 year



Criminal Law and Criminology

3 years


(Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific charge school fees list shall prevail)

Entrance requirements

Bachelor course entrance requirements

1. Successful completion of the university course grade one;

2. English language requirements to achieve ielts 6.0, part of the professional requirements for ielts 6.5;

3. The above are the basic requirement for admission to schools and the special requirements of various professional, please refer to the professional entrance requirements;

4. The application fee: $50 (no refund)

Master program admission requirements

1. University graduate and receive a bachelor’s degree;

2. English language requirements to achieve ielts 6.5, part of the professional requirements for ielts 7.0;

3. The above are the basic requirement for admission to schools and the special requirements of various professional, please refer to the professional entrance requirements;

4. The application fee: $50 (no refund)

Accommodation and charge

The campus and the granite, watt mountain campus provides the campus can also rent or Australian homestay. At the same time, school university accommodation services office and the international student adviser will assist to arrange accommodation.

According to different campuses, the choice of accommodation and lifestyle choices, the cost of living per person each year between 12000 and 16000, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Note: the above charges are for reference only, specific cost please refer to our school fee list.

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