Q: Which university is the best in USA?

A: University of Southern California is the best University in USA.


Q: How to apply passport? Because I never been overseas before

A: Firstly, you should go to the Department of immigrate in your state, and the you fill in a form, the pay 50 CNY (which is depend your state note), then waiting 10 work days.


Q: How much if my son what to go to Boston University?

A: It is depending on your son’s age, degree, IELTS result and so on. If you want to get more detailed information, we welcome in our office.


Q: Who is the manager in DaLian office?

A: Now our manager in DaLian office is Grace Wang, she is the good leader and she has 10 years experience in this industry.  


Q: How long the offer will be given from the university?

A: It is depending on which university you are going to apply. It is normally take 1-2 months. Because the University needs confirm the information all correct. 


Q: How’s Brisbane’s’ weather?

A: Summer: December – February (average temperature is 30)

  Autumn: March – May (average temperature is 23)

  Winter: June – August (average temperature is 17)

  Spring: September – November (average temperature is 27)


Q: Which University’s Business is the best in Queensland?

A: The most famous is the business at the University of Queensland.



Q: University of York is the good university in IT?

A: Unfortunately, it is not. Florida International University is the best in USA.


Q: How much if I want to go to the Washington State University?

A: If you are going to study Bachelor degree, the cost of tuition fees is $16, 560 per year, and the living spending is $11, 918 per year. If you are going to study Master degree, the cost of tuition fees is $16, 378 per year and the living spending is $12, 475 per year.


Q: Should I bring the Down jacket to Brisbane?

A: I suggest that you need bring at least one thick jacket, because the winter in Brisbane is still cold, especially in the morning and in the evening.


Q: I want to go to America to study high school, Could you give me some suggest?

A: If you do not mind, please send me email about your detail, and then I will give you feedback as soon as possible. My email address is JoeABCstaff@hotmail.com. Besides, if you want get information face to face you are welcome to our office.



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