England flag

The UK is the island located in Western Europe. The islands of Great Britain are including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and some islands in the northeast. Across the North Sea, the Strait of Dover and the English channel and just opposite side of the continent. It borders the lithosphere and the republic of Ireland. The area is about 24 square kilometres. The UK is a maritime temperate broad-leaved forest climate, year-round mild moist. The average temperature in January 4 ~ 7 ℃, July 13 ~ 17 ℃. More rain, autumn and winter. Capital London, a population of about 7.2 million. Other major cities are Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh.
The population of UK about 58.84 million, the residents are more Christian protestant, otherwise the Catholic Church and Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam religious communities. British English is the official and lingua franca. The current currency is pounds.
Fourth, the British economy in the world is the world’s second largest overseas investor. The ranked of international competitiveness is eleventh. Britain’s pillar industries are agriculture, industry, service industry, tourism industry, animal husbandry, etc. Main industry: mining, metallurgical, chemical, machinery, electronics, electronic instruments, automobiles, aviation, food, beverage, tobacco, textile, paper making, printing, publishing, architecture, etc. GDP per capita is about $35000. The famous brand such as shell.


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