Boston College

Boston College image 1Location: Chase nutt, Massachusetts

University type: Private University

Start: 1863

University Rank: the 34th

ESL English Course: No

University Website:

City introduction

Chase nutt – hill, Massachusetts, in 1630 by the British Puritan was built, compared to other cities on the east coast, the port of Europe to close a lot, maritime trade gradually fill, promoting the city development. Mild climate, abundant rainfall, let city park green and surrounding countryside lush vegetation crops.

University profile

Boston College, founded in 1863, is located in Massachusetts chase nutt – hill, is one of the oldest Christianise and Catholic Boston College image 2University in the United States. In the American news and world report university rankings in the United States, the latest comprehensive ranking for the 34th of Boston college. Boston college every year about 8700 undergraduate and 4500 graduate students, they come from all 50 states and 85 other countries and regions, has the rich social and cultural background. College provides students with many excellent study and research facilities, such as students’ dormitory equipped with Internet and E-mail contact network, the library has a lot of a lot of books, journals, and government file a total of more than 190 copies, there are more than 260 miniature file.

Boston College has: under the seminary, arts and sciences, institute of arts and sciences (a total of three most of the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, a doctorate in 60), management schools, schools of education, nursing, social work school, Boston college law school, school, etc.


Major professional: biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, geology, geophysics, biochemistry, international studies, linguistics, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, psychology, sociology, elementary education, accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, human resources management, nursing, etc.

Admission requirements: Graduate from high school with honours, SAT, ACT, SAT II, TOEFL600 (IBT100)

Enrolment: the spring semester in January, autumn in September

Application deadline: autumn form January 1 and on November 1, spring


Main major: English, philosophy, economics, psychology, biology, chemistry, geology and geophysics, mathematics, physics, political science, business administration, education, law, sociology, nursing management, social services, etc.

Admission requirements: university graduate with a bachelor’s degree, excellent performance, TOEFL550 (IBT79), GRE or GMAT (need GMAT scores above 680 points for an MBA, at least two years work experience)

Enrolment: the spring semester in January, autumn in September

Application deadline: application deadline of each department, before applying to specific queries

(Note: each professional application requirements are different, please before applying for specific queries)

Related fees

Bachelor: Tuition fees $33000 / year, living cost about $13000 / year;

Master: Tuition fees $25000 – $33000 / year, living cost about $13000 / year.

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.

Boston College image 3


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