Baylor High school

Location: city of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Year: 1893

School types: men and women in the school

Religious affiliation: no

Campus area: 670 acres

Student number: about 735 people

The proportion between teachers and students: about 1:8

ESL English courses: admission

Time: on September

School profile

Baylor school provides high quality pre-university academic course, 23 (AP) courses, door university courses effectiveness significantly 40 extracurricular group, 21 kinds of team sports, weekend activities, and a national famous outdoor projects. Each year, from 10 to 15 countries and the United States for 15 to 20 states students live on campus. The campus is located in the Tennessee river, the average temperature in winter minus 8 degrees to minus 3 degrees Celsius, summer 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Outstanding graduates of the school include: movie star Brett Granstaff, the fbi counterintelligence expert and writer William Duff, writer Arthur Golden, Broadway music command Donald Dr. Pippin, etc.

City introduction

In Nashville, Tennessee in the southern United States, in the north-central of the state, is the center of American country music. Other famous city with Memphis, based in west state in the left bank of the Mississippi River, is one of the important commercial port in the United States. Tennessee is the implementation of multi-objective water conservancy project, one of the most successful state is also the first to make an atomic bomb state, and now this place has the atomic museum. Tennessee has a variety of industries, of which the most famous chemical industry. The southeast of Chattanooga, tenn.

The curriculum

AP courses: 1, 2 door computer science English, 3, 3 door art, 6 foreign language history, 3 door is mathematics, 4 natural science

Senior courses: computer science, English, art, language, mathematics, natural science, sociology, etc

Entrance requirements

Second day reading to school reading students;

Students are required to provide official transcripts, personal statement, the teacher of recommendation and other relevant materials; Phone test

Related fees (2006-2007 academic year)

Application fee: $150 (not refundable)

Tuition fee: $32990 / year

Other fees: such as activities, premiums, allowances, etc., concrete vary from person to person.

Note: all the above information is for reference only, detailed information please refer to our list of school fees and I – 20 table shall prevail.


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