America flag
The full name of the United States of America is located in the south of North America, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the south by Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico west of the Pacific, north to Canada. An area of about 937 square kilometres. The climate in the United States is very diverse. Northeast coast and the great lakes belongs to continental temperate broad-leaved forest climate; The southeast and gulf coast belongs to subtropical forest climate; The western inland plateau dry and cold in winter; Western Pacific coast of the southern subtropical Mediterranean climate. Capital, Washington, d.c. (Washington d. c.), located in the northeast coast, a population of about 540000. Major cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, etc.
The national population of about 290 million. America has a “national melting pot of the world”. All nations in the world almost can be found here. This accounted for about 84% of whites, blacks account for about 13%, Asian 3.3%, more than 160 Chinese. Also, it is a profusion of religion in the USA. Main religion is Christianity, Catholic, Islam, etc. English is the official language of the United States. The current currency to the dollar.

The United States is a highly developed capitalist countries, have important influence on the world economy. Its labour productivity, gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign trade are the highest in the world. The automotive industry and construction industry occupies an important position in the industry, for the two pillars of economy. At the same time, information and other high-tech industry development is rapid, product update speed increasingly.

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