About ABC


Emily SHAO – ABC Study Overseas Agency’s CEO. She was created ABC agency in 1998.

This company is a 15 years old personal business which located in the CBD of the Dalian in Liaoning. There are 4 offices in the Liaoning State, additionally; Dalian is the capital of all. Totally the company has 80 people. ABC EDUCATION agency provide the one package service for the customers, business is able to booking airline tickets, booking hotel and contact with the local agency or homestay.

Rely on business for many years of accumulation, ABC with many overseas countries thousands of colleges and universities to establish the stability of the mutual trust relations of cooperation, and the designated national universities trusted admissions representative and institutions.

You can feel the “people-oriented, customer first” service consciousness in ABC everywhere. ABC has always been to “do better than customer expectations” of the culture and purpose, high quality and high level to provide customers with the most professional and high quality first-class service, to achieve the ABC’s career goals which is “pillar of the elite talents become elite, help become a”.

Company’s Core Value

                                         ——Everything for your futhure

  1. Integrity: Abide by professional ethics, honest to customers and colleague, maintain the honor of the team and credit, cherish their personality and credit, refused to speculation
  2. Quality: high quality service is to win customers and win the market, to win profit, the only means of win the honor.
  3. Clients: Doing is better than the customer expectations! Professional is our life, service is our soul!
  4. Team : All staff support each other and cooperate with each other, help each other
  5. Talent: from the internal and external selection having both ability which are Innovativeness and initiative

Company’s Ideas and expectations

  1. Idea : Collect first-class talent, a first-class service; First-class brand, first-class enterprise
  2. Expectation: Winning support from customers is more important than earning money

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